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Actual photograph of a typical website

A location upon where a spider spins a web, a Website is commonly used as material for bookcovers and artificial banana skins.

Their main purpose is as a repository for pornographic images, which otherwise would fill hard drives and restrict PCs to Windows 95 levels. Microsoft, in their constant struggle to improve the smooth running of computers and operating systems took drastic steps as the Millenium Bug (see Godzilla vs the Millenium Bug) threatened to take over the world.

Another popular use for Websites now are as writing material. Nubile Teens often enjoy acquiring pet spiders and creating their own website. Watching these creatures spin these websites into what is sometimes termed the "world wide web" can be a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

A fine example of a website is which is an uterly pointless website but has good mathematical problems (err... not really) and excellent spelling of words such as the following: In, The, Me, You, Famous, We, Not, Here.

See Blogging.

A noob website

Internet Explorer 8.png

Welcome to my site,

I can do HTML n evereefin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im cool n' stuff coz I can do blank pages like this and stuff

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On this day...

Oadray ignsay (ropcay).jpg

Une-jay 15: Ig-pay Atin-lay Ay-day

  • 1066 - Agnet-may Ars-cay are-ay atented-pay.
  • 1067 - E-tay Ishop-bay of-ay East-ay Anglia-ay invents-ay ocolate-chay.
  • 1219 - Denmark's flag, oldest in history, falls out of the sky. A battle between the Danish and some country of lesser importance then turns in the favor of the Danes, likely because the flag landed point-down on the King of the other country, say intelligent Harvard graduates. Pig Latin professionals will later laugh at the inability to translate this long sentence into Pig Latin.
  • 1777 - Illard-may Illmore-fay eates-cray e-thay Ig-pay Atin-lay Olitical-pay Arty-pay, a-ay one-issue-ay arty-pay evoted-day o-tay aking-may Ig-pay Atin-lay e-thay ational-nay anguage-lay.
  • 1836 - Arkansas becomes a state. Pig latin lobbyists disappointed by impossibility of the name.
  • 1877 - Illard-may Illmore-fay as-hay a-ay entennial-cay elebration-cay. Oth-bay embers-may ow-shay up-ay.
  • 1878 - Illard-may Illmore-fay ives-gay up-ay altogether-ay, and-ay erases-ay everyone's-ay ind-may of is-hay arty-pay.
  • 1905 - Apmobile-cray ounded-fay y-bay Omas-thay Apper-cray in-ay Etroit-day, MI.
  • 1975 - Angelina-ay Olie-jay is-ay orn-bay in-ay Uuk-nay, Eenland-gray. Er-hay Eskimo-ay eritage-hay accounts-ay or-fay er-hay ood-gay ooks-lay.
  • 1992 - Usic-may as-ay e-way ow-knay it-ay, ecides-day o-tay implode-ay. Is-thay is-ay ood-gay ecause-bay eople-pay art-stay istening-lay o-tay etro-ray.
  • 2005 - Pope announces all new announcements will be announced by announcement in Pig Latin.
  • 2006 - Ew-nay Opep-ay lectede-ay.
  • 2021 - Ey-hay, at's-thay oday-tay!
  • 2021 - Uh-thy ope-pey eclairs-day at-they oose-mey as-brey are-ay illegal-ay.(-day)

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Guide to Creating a Successful Website

see main article: HowTo:Create a Website

There are a set number of steps necessary in creating a successful website. Start by analysing the average from the content of the most successful websites, and then through subtle manipulation copy and paste, know to Webmasters as the "Copy and Paste Technique".

Standard subject matter should include:

It is important to try to add lots of large images, as well as javascript, enabling "snowfall" or "magic" mouse trails. Embedded MIDI files are a must.

WARNING!: Try not to make it as weird and pointless as the site Workingbrains, good god that place is pointless.

For addition help please view HowTo:Create a Website

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